GANT Rugger Will Have You Wearing Dad Jeans and Bomber Jackets Next Spring

Sounds good to us.

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GANT Rugger just gets it. Dudes don't want to have to wear a suit and tie at all times to show how crispy they are. That's why when we saw the Swedish brand get ready to run the men's style game next year with super light dad jeans and suede bomber jackets, we couldn't be more excited.

This is a look you've seen pervade both Scandinavian brands and the re-blogged American dudes who line the streets during New York Fashion Week. And being that GANT Rugger takes heavy influences from the States while doing its own thing, its spring/summer 2014 lookbook has become an intersection of both style credos. Intentionally, the brand took American staples and put their Swedish spin on them. The result is reflective printed hoodies, linen and wool blend garments, lightweight oxford shirts, and T-shirts with prints inspired by Swedish pagan traditions. If that isn't badass enough, we don't know what is. 

The brand will still be doing all the East Coast preppy looks that we're come to known and cherish, but it also decided to mix in longer jackets, chunky, cable knit sweaters and shorter shorts and know that being and feeling tailored doesn't always require business-appropriate garments.

So when you see us roaming around in T-shirts, zip-up jackets, and jeans next year, don't scoff because we're not wearing double monks. We'll be the comfortable ones.

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