OutKast Releases 'ATLiens' Merch to Celebrate Album's 25th Anniversary

After announcing the release of an 'ATliens' video game, OutKast also announced that they're creating some special merch to celebrate the album's 25th birthday.

outkast merch

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outkast merch

After announcing the release of an ATliens video game, OutKast announced today that they’ve created some special merch to celebrate the album’s 25th birthday.

After having dropped last Friday, the merch will be out alongside an expanded version of the group’s original 1996 breakout album. Fans will be able to explore an e-commerce collection by Merch Traffic to commemorate the group’s groundbreaking project. Featuring custom-made clothing, hand-drawn art, and other novelty items, the one-of-a-kind merch was created to complement the rich, galactic world of ATliens. 

“Outkast’s ATLiens album is a rich, visual world with many layers. That being said, our primary goal in curating this product line was to create wearable art and commemorative pieces that could seamlessly fit into the ATLiens universe and resonate with its many fans, wrote the Merch Traffic creative team in a press release. “Most importantly, this album is very much about being an individual even when those around you don’t understand or accept you, so we strived for the merch creative to represent just that – fierce individuality and eccentric style.”

The announcement comes after the group released a re-imagined version of their hit “Two Dope Boyz (In a Cadillac)” as a video-game-inspired music video. The re-release of the album on Friday will also include 14 previously unreleased instrumentals, and a limited edition 12 inch vinyl. The merch is now available on OutKast’s website.

Be sure to peep a few of the items below.

outkast merch 2
outkast merch 3
outkast merch atliens
outkast merch 4
outkast merch 5
outkast merch
outkast merch 7
outkast merch 7
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