ASAP Rocky and Rihanna’s son is celebrating his first birthday soon. And although he’s only been in the public eye for less than half a year, Baby Fenty-Mayers has already been serving up some impressive looks. It’s not surprising. Matthew Henson (ASAP Rocky’s stylist who formerly worked at Complex) said in a recent interview with Vogue that Pretty Flacko created many of the baby’s recent looks.

“All the baby’s outfits are him,” Henson told Vogue. “He’s overseeing the creative direction of the baby and he’s incredible at it.” 

Rocky has dressed Baby Fenty-Mayers in Timberland boots, hoodies from underground New York streetwear brands, and even vintage baby clothing grails by Dapper Dan. It’s clear that Rihanna, Rocky, and their son are an unstoppable fashion trio to reckon with. Here are some of Baby Fenty-Mayers’ most memorable outfits thus far.