The 25 Most Interesting People In Menswear

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Our subjective list to end all subjective lists is finally here—not that you were asking for it or anything. Frankly, menswear is extremely subjective at the end of the day, which is more or less why it's so great. We all have different tastes. We all have different opinions. And we're all 100% right. This list is based on our taste and our taste alone. We hope it will serve as a primer for our readers to discover talented folks (gotta catch 'em all!) that inspire within an already inspiring industry. Or, maybe you just need to do a little brushing up. Either way, we'd love your feedback, above all else. What do you think of our tasty listicle? Was it tasty enough? Did we leave anyone sour? HOW EGREGIOUS ARE OUR ERRORS? WE ARE STARVED FOR THE APPROVAL OF OTHERS.


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