Fox News Gets Blasted for Blurring Out the Record-Breaking Picasso Painting

Fox News blurs out the record-breaking Picasso painting because of boobs.

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Art experts are pissed at Fox News.

When the conservative broadcaster reported on the record-breaking Pablo Picasso painting, Les femmes d’Alger, officials at the station thought the imagery was too offensive for their viewers. So they decided to censor the piece, which sold for $179 million, by blurring out the depicted breasts. Yeah, really.

“We decided to blur the nude portions so that we could show it to you, on-air,” co-anchor Dari Alexander said during the broadcast.

Of course, it didn’t take long for figures within the art community to blast the news outlet—and rightfully so. It’s fucking art. And they're cubist boobs.

Take a look below to see how people responded to this censorship on Twitter. Let’s just say, Fox News got owned. Once again.






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