Xylk Is the Toronto Designer Challenging Masculinity (and Channeling Frank Ocean) With His T-Shirts

The T-shirts feature car-centric designs and are available for pre-order now.

xylk bboys dont drive 1


xylk bboys dont drive 1

Frank Ocean is redefining queerness in popular culture through his various creative exploits—from his enchanting albums Blonde and Endless to his highly-coveted "Boys Don't Cry" magazine—and now Toronto designer Xylk (pronounced "silk') Lorena is building a similar narrative with a new range of T-shirts he has dubbed "Bboys Don't Drive."

Breaking down the notion of the stereotypical "car guy," Xylk's designs and the accompanying images showcase that all types of people can have an appreciation for cars, and (despite what we might have been led to believe in our early school days) it's not just for "boys." The second B in the collection's title is a nod to the notorious Bleecker area in Toronto's East End where Xylk is from, as well as the fact that he used to breakdance or b-boy.

Pre-orders for the new designs are open now on Xylk's website, and in the coming weeks the artists will also host a pop up experience where people can purchase the shirts in person. Again pushing the boundaries of the expected, Xylk will forgo a typical pop-up shop and will sell the tees out of a car at a location that will be announced closer to the date. Peep some of the imagery below and stay tuned to his social media for the latest.



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