Subvert the Subversive or Something With These Seinfeld Stickers

Or at least get a LOL out of it.

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Ever since #normcore stole the throne from Ukraine and became the Internet's biggest craze, Jerry Seinfeld has been sitting pretty as an unlikely style icon (even though we've been saying this for a minute now). And now he's at the center of the best thing to come from Big Cartel since yesterday's "Cam'ron + JuJu Forever" patches. For $5, you can get five Seinfeld stickers from Stugazi that are done up in the style of Barbara Kruger Supreme. Put them on your laptop, slap 'em on a telephone pole, or stick 'em on your cool mood board for Tumblr. Just don't ramble on end about subverting the subversive. 

[via Stugazi]

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