The Dangers Of Dancing In Jeans

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i-D and Diesel teamed up to create this video that demonstrates "The A To Z Of Dance". From Ballroom to Twerk, the video shows people shaking their ass in Diesel's new Jogg jeans, which are crafted using a denim/jersey mix fabrication, making them more flexible and less likely to rip in the crotch on the dance floor. I always fucking rip my jeans in v close proximity to my danger zone because I was cursed with the thighs of Emmitt Smith in his prime, not that I would exactly be willing to wear jeggings or anything. Although, from the looks of it, these actually seem like regular jeans, just more comfortable and thus able to handle your Friday night turn up (read: rubbing up on some blonde chick from Connecticut who's gone off that vodka cran). Plus, have you ever try to hop into a cab in some raw denim? That shit can turn even the smoothest of men into flailing, uncoordinated dorks. So, if Diesel can come through with the non-Eurodouche washes for these Jogg shits, then they have a winner on their hands.

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