Watch Tracee Ellis Ross’ New Pyer Moss Campaign Ad

Tracee Ellis Ross is comically featured in the latest entry in Pyer Moss' "Always Sold Out" short film campaign, "Production and Persuasion."

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Tracee Ellis Ross is the latest person featured in Pyer Moss’s new short film campaign “Always Sold Out,” where she pretends to call people from across the globe to help Pyer Moss with its production.

Directed by Kerby Jean-Raymond, Darrin James, and City James, Ross dives deep into her satirical bag here as she phones people from different parts of the world. Titled “Production and Persuasion,” Ross satirically puts on different accents to fit the theme of the short. 

“Production and Persuasion” is the third entry in the fashion brand’s film campaign. The one released before this, “Think Bigger,” featured a motivational poem by Evan Williams.

Williams’ poem was the backdrop for a video about kids trying to reach for a pair of Pyer Moss sneakers hanging from a telephone line. The theme of the poem and video was to be different to reach your goals, as one kid decides to build a jetpack instead of doing what everyone else is.

The first short from the campaign was released in February and also featured a poem, that one authored by Marika Brown.

Watch the latest entry in Pyer Moss’ “Always Sold Out” campaign featuring Tracee Ellis Ross up top.

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