Uniqlo Shows Its Artsy Side With MoMA in SPRZ NY Collection

Uniqo + MoMA = SPRZ NY

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Japanese retail titan Uniqlo has recently unveiled a collaboration with the support of the Museum of Modern Art dubbed SPRZ NY (Surprise NY), a collection filled with around 200 pieces highlighting some of the greatest modern artists.

Putting on the work of Jackson Pollock, Keith Haring, Jean-Michel Basiquat, Jack Pierson, and several others, the collection debuts at Uniqlo's Fifth Avenue flagship. The entire second floor has been redesigned to hold a "gallery feel," even going so far as to put a coffee shop, sponsored by Starbucks, inside the store.

For each artist, there's a surprising (pun not intended) array of pieces (from shorts, to tees, to bandannas), all of which range from $5 to $50. Leave it to Uniqlo to make art affordable for the masses.

If you're interested in copping in store, or you can't make it to the release in person, head to the SPRZ NY microsite to look at, and pick up pieces in the curated collection.

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