Rick Owens' Latest Fashion Show Included Full-Frontal Male Nudity

Rick Owens sent exposed male models down the runway at his fall/winter 2015 show in Paris.

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Rick Owens isn't averse to being a little out of the ordinary at his Paris runway shows. From incorporating a step troupe on the runway to making extra-long du-rags a central part of an earlier collection, Rick Owens isn't afraid to be different. Maybe that's why he turned the runway into an unexpected male model penis peep show at his Fall/Winter 2015 show in Paris this morning. 

This isn't the first time Owens has incorporated male nudity into his work, including dressed up (and stripped down) older men in his Fall/Winter 2014 lookbook. The collection shown this morning, his Fall/Winter 2015 collection, included long bombers, drapey tunics, and even a topcoat that, at first glance, looked bloodstained.

It also happened to have full-frontal male nudity on par with the DMs of your favorite Instagram thirst trap. 

The ironic part is Owens intentionally styled his models to give them a little "lower" exposure. Traditionally, the opening which showed off the model's lower half is actually the neck opening to a trench coat—it's obviously not designed or supposed to be worn that way. Regardless, the effect had the models, as Drake would say, "out here swangin."

One thing is for sure, the proceedings were classic Rick Owens: dark, drapey, and definitely unexpected. Maybe from now on, instead of calling it a "dickpic," we should be calling it a "Rickpic."




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