Norse Projects Has a Case of the Mondays With Its "Monday Mornings" Collaboration With Artist Daniel Frost

Norse Projects has asked Daniel Frost to lend his artwork to a series of tees that embody the worst day of the week: Mondays.

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Mondays are really the worst. Be it a hangover from a wild weekend or a return to the workday grind, Mondays are hardly the most happily received day on the calendar. It seems that the most hated day of the week was on the minds of Norse Projects and artist Daniel Frost when they put together their t-shirt collaboration, aptly titled "Monday Mornings".

Created in conjunction with the label's fall/winter 2014 collection, the selection of tees uses the art of Daniel Frost to illustrate some of the worst moments of the beginning of the week. The shirts seem to almost follow the trials of one man as he goes through his Monday, from his morning cup of tea to riding through the rain on his morning commute. The tees come in either white with full color illustrations, or black shirts with illustrations drawn up in contrasting white.

It seems like Norse Projects picks only the coolest artists to work with for its t-shirt collaborations, and this is no exception. Head over to Norse Projects online shop to grab your piece before you get a case of "missing out" that's sure to last much longer than the next couple Mondays.





[via Norse Projects]

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