Men Force Wives to Wear Bargain Clothing After Spending Thousands on Wardrobes

Breaking the stereotype that men don't shop (a lot).

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Sure, women are stuck with the stereotype of being self-absorbed shopaholics, but guys are just as guilty. Take these men, showcased in the U.K.'s Daily Mirror, who spend thousands on their wardrobes, forcing their wives to buy bargain basics at Gap, H&M, and TJ Maxx. 

South London couple Michael and Becca Parker have completely different wardrobes. Not only does Michael buy Hugo Boss suits (at around $750 each), and leather shoes from Tricker's (around $450 a pair), his wardrobe totals over $15,000. This is all while his wife Becca is forced wear H&M and Forever 21, spending no more than around $1,200 a year on clothing.

While Michael has his clothes "on beautiful hangers" in the closet, most of Becca's wardrobe has been "shoved in drawers" with her shoes "chucked in the bottom of the wardrobe." Michael is remorseful, but notes, "I do think Becca despairs sometimes, but as long as the children have food on the table, it’s OK, isn’t it?"

Nathan and Tracy Rous, of Shrewsbury, Shropshire, England, have a similar dynamic. Nathan sticks to a mentality that says "if you buy cheap, you buy twice," spending over $9,000 a year on clothes, with the understanding that "an average outfit costs about [$908]."

Tracy, like Mrs. Parker, spends no more than about $1,200 on clothing a year, pointing out that her husband could spend that much in a single shopping trip. While she enjoys looking for deals at T.J. Maxx, Nathan is "repelled by some of the places [she] goes [clothes shopping]."

Sure, women have a stereotype as fiendish shoppers, but these couples prove that the stereotype goes both ways.

Read more over at the Daily Mirror.

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