Shave and a Haircut: Blind Barber Expands into Williamsburg

Bar-meets-barbershop Blind Barber is adding a second New York City location, this time in Brooklyn's Williamsburg neighborhood.

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Bar-meets-barbershop Blind Barber is easily one of the best places to get not only a haircut, but a beer on tap as well. Their East Village shop is modeled just like a speakeasy with a barbershop front, making asking for a mixed drink as casual as asking for a shape up and a shave. To compliment demand, Blind Barber has finally made the leap into one of Manhattan's neighboring boroughs, opening a second shop in Williamsburg, Brooklyn.

The new location will open at 524 Lorimer Street, with a focus on a different type of brew than its Manhattan shop. Prior to opening the location in Williamsburg, the boys at Blind Barber faced some push-back from the neighborhood's community board when they applied for a liquor license. Instead, this new Brooklyn-based shop will have an emphasis on coffee, supplied by Handsome Coffee Roasters.

If you're living in New York City, now there's even more incentive to visit the Blind Barber crew, no matter what side of the bridge you're on.

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