So...Guys Putting Flowers in Their Beards Is a Thing Now

Guys are embracing a bizarre new trend, sticking flowers into their beards—playfully nicknamed "beard gardens."

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In what must be one of the most bizarre men's grooming trend of the year, men have recently begun sticking flowers into their beards—creating what is known as "beard gardens." (get it?)

In a trend that originally started on Tumblr (of course), blogs like WILL IT BEARD began sticking flowers (and other various items) in their beards and photographing the results. The look has spread well beyond Tumblr, leading several other guys to take pictures with bouquets in their beards.

Aside from the sheer ridiculousness of sticking stuff into your beard, we wonder if it wouldn't just be plain uncomfortable to have a bunch of flowers tangled up in your facial hair. You're likely to receive more attention from bees than that girl you're trying to win over at "Random Music Festival X."

While it may work on your tumblr dashboard, we don't really recommend this for your day-to-day facial hair routine.

[via Bust]

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