Net-a-Porter CEO Retires, Gets Awesome Celebration on the Way Out

The world's most loved CEO got a fitting send-off.

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Think your work environment is all dope and familial-like? Welp, it probably doesn't compare to Net-a-Porter, the powerhouse online fashion retailer, who recently said goodbye to its CEO, Mark Sebba​. Sebba is retiring after 11 years of killing the game and apparently being the best boss of all time. Excuse us, "#WorldsMostLovedCEO."

On July 9, when Sebba rolled into the office expecting business as usual, he was instead met by all of his employees and an Aloe Blacc impersonator who gave rousing performance of "The Man." Cameras filmed Sebba (so that they could livestream the event to the company's other locations) as he walked the admittedly ridiculously long path to his desk. His adoring staff cheered him on. The best part? When Sebba finally reaches his desk and thanks everyone, he ends with "get back to work." Watch the video above.

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