Burberry's CEO Christopher Bailey Opens Up on Design in the Age of Instagram

Burberry's former creative director and current CEO Christopher Bailey opens up about design in the digital age.

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Christopher Bailey served as Burberry's creative director for many years and than took an unusual turn as a fashion designer, especially one within a legacy brand - he became the CEO.  Bailey recently did an interview with Wired Magazine to talk about this transition and how he works to keep a classic brand relevant in the world of social media.  Some of his quotes include:

“It’s almost like a boomerang, we send something out into the world, it gets translated in bazillions of different ways … different cultures, different approaches to dressing. Then it gets posted, and then it comes back to us and inspires us.”

"A product can be quite sterile until you give it a context and an environment... that's whats important about digital, its allowed all of us to tell stories"

"...I love that dialog [from Pinterest and Instagram etc]. Now there's so many channels for people to communicate with us"

Check out the full video interview with Wired editor Scott Dadich here, and of course shop the latest wares at your neighborhood boutique or Burberry's own online store.  The high end Prorsum line has had a lot of fire recently.

[via Wired]

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