Thom Browne Shares the Inspiration Behind His Suits "I Never Thought I Would Reference My Father as Much as I Did"

Thom Browne shares details about his creative process and the design of his New York office.

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Thom Browne is known for producing high-quality tailored menswear pieces like his iconic cropped suit. The shrunken silhouette took cues from the working man's suit of the early '60s, with a slim body and narrow lapels. In a new video for The New York Times, Browne reveals where he got the inspiration for the look that changed menswear.

"I never thought I would reference my father as much as i did.  He wore a suit everyday, because he just did," Browne says. "He never thought about clothing. That was just something that he wore. I love to keep pushing the idea of almost uniformity and the idea of not as much choice."

Browne has a reputation for minimalism, making his pieces uniform-esque. With neutral color palettes, that always include the color gray, because he feels it is timeless. 

Unlike most designers, Brown says that from the beginning he wanted to be outside the world of fashion. A look inside his studio revealed  a sparse, but curated space where everyone dresses very similarly to Browne, all sporting perfectly tailored menswear pieces. 


To read more about the interview head over to The New York Times. 


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