Men Will Spend Four Months of Their Lives Deciding What to Wear

A new study reveals men spend an average of four months of their lives deciding what to wear.

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A new study has revealed just how much of our lives we will spend trying to put the perfect outfit together. According to research by the London-based retailer Marks & Spencer, men spend around 13 minutes each day picking through their wardrobe. That adds up to about three days per year and four months total between the ages of 18-60. 

The study found that women on the other hand, spend an average of 17 minutes deciding what to wear, which equals about six months during the same time period.

For the study, M&S polled 2,000 Brits and determined that the average wardrobe contains 152 items, only 44 percent of which are worn regularly. The research was done as part of the retailer's "Shwooping" campaign that encourages people to minimize their clothing selection and donate the items they don't wear to charity.

The study also revealed 28 percent of adults get so frustrated when getting dressed that they throw clothes . And one in five say they have ended up mad or upset that they couldn't find the right outfit. Fifteen percent admitted that the drama around their outfit has often ruined their mood for the entire day.

The findings also reveal that the process of picking out an outfit can affect people's work and social life. One in 10 regularly arrive late to work because of the time spent choosing their outfit for the day, while one in 20 have missed an occasion altogether because they took so long deciding what to wear.

The good news is that several studies have proven dressing better can actually change the way you think. For men, dressing up in a suit or blazer can help raise confidence and affect how others perceive them. So if it takes few more minutes and possibly a tantrum to get the perfect outfit, it might just be be worth it. Or, you could just go the Mark Zuckerberg route and just wear the same thing everyday.

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