More Kanye West "Yeezus Tour" Merch Could Be on the Way

New images have surfaced online.

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Complex Original

Image via Complex Original

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It has been over two years since Kanye West first debuted his "Yeezus Tour merch." Since then we've seen several versions of the '80s-inspired Wes Lang designed pieces from the exclusive Pac Sun collection to the European tour merch.

Now, it looks like Yeezy could be releasing more new merch. Over the weekend, West's friend and barber Ibn Jasper shared an image of a skate deck featuring the Yeezus logo and DONDA designer Joe Perez shared a photo of a Yeezus sticker. 

According to yeezytalkworldwide on IG, "YEEZUSMERCH" will be an official brand with collections that will be available online.  

Stay tuned here for more details.


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