Bloomingdale's Is Under Fire for Its Holiday Ad That Suggests Date Rape

This is messed up.

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Bloomingdale's is receiving some serious backlash after a photo of their new ad surfaced online. The retailer gave its customers the worst advice in their holiday catalog by suggesting that you"Spike your best friend’s eggnog when they’re not looking." 

Seriously, how was that approved? Even more troubling is the accompanying image of a very sus man standing next an unassuming woman that doesn't exactly look his "best friend." Of course, the Internet was quick to call Bloomingdale's out for their creepy and potentially harmful ad that appears to encourage date rape.

As a result, the department store issued an apology to Tech Insider, "In reflection of recent feedback, the copy we used in our recent catalog was inappropriate and in poor taste. Bloomingdales' sincerely apologizes for this error in judgment." 

There's still no confirmation on if Bloomingdale's will stop running the campaign.

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