Riccardo Tisci Taps Nick Knight and Danko Steiner for Burberry's Fall/Winter '19 Campaign

The collection is available in stores and online today.

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Riccardo Tisci reunites with acclaimed photographers Nick Knight and Danko Steiner for Burberry's Fall/Winter 2019 campaign.

Tisci, the label's chief creative officer, said he wanted the images to highlight London's unique and contrasting energy by presenting the collection through two distinct lenses: One embraces the traditional and refined, while the other celebrates a rebellious and carefree spirit—both of which appeal to Burberry's large and evolving customer base.

"At the core of what we are doing at Burberry is a passion for the house to become an identity and a lifestyle—one that transcends barriers and is inclusive to all," Tisci explained. "This campaign explores the many facets of British culture and how they coexist."

Knight showcased the Fall/Winter 2019 collection with a heavy dose of youthful energy that was equal parts raw and unpolished. The photographer said he and his team wanted to challenge the idea of models "looking perfect," and chose to "show a more real and unmanipulated vision." Knight also incorporated technology such as cameras, drones, iPhones, and computer monitors to make a statement about social media.

"It reflects the many different viewpoints that are available to everybody through social media," he said. "It seems our whole lives are screen-based now, with images available on every surface around us—from our phones and laptops to digital billboards. The casting, as always, was very important as our overall aesthetic was very young, raw and natural—we wanted it to look like they could have shot the campaign themselves. With the culture of the selfie and how images proliferate through social media, young people provide their own outlets and platforms rather than looking to centralized media outlets."

Steiner's imagery emphasized the classic elements of Burberry, pairing signature silhouettes with a scenic and powerful ocean backdrop. The photographer credited Tisci for coming up with the water idea, as it was a nod to the maritime references within the new collection. 

"While the ocean is an enduring, beautiful backdrop for photography, we wanted the sea to play a larger part in the images—water is the source of change and discovery," Steiner said. "We wanted our amazing cast to interact with the idea of engaging with a powerful, natural force. I have always believed that the seas and oceans unite us."

You can check out the Knight and Steiner's video campaigns above and below, respectively. The visuals feature models Gigi Hadid, Irina Shayk, Fran Summers, Sora Choi, He Cong, Alexis Chaparro, and more.

The Burberry Fall/Winter 2019 collection is available now in stores and online

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Burberry F/W 2019 Campaign

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