Spiewak Was Created for Early 20th Century Brooklyn Dock Workers and WWI Soldiers, So Yes, It'll Keep You Toasty

So golden it feels bulletproof.

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Developed to weather the test of time, and trusted by the soldiers of WWI, WWII, police, firefighters and first responders for generations, the American outerwear brand Spiewak has been outfitting manly men who will put your pansy ass to shame.


The brand actually started in 1904 in Williamsburg, Brooklyn, where it created hearty gear for dock workers. So yes, the same stuff that kept them warm will stop you from shivering and whining about the cold. The fall/winter 2014 collection is still as tough as the original designs, but there are other big changes afoot. Along with a a revamped website, Spiewak Golden Fleece was unveiled at Pitti Uomo. As opposed to the modern, technical Spiewak line, Golden Fleece harks back to the glory days with a more archival and heritage leaning philosophy. And like we said, if this was the stuff that early-20th century dock workers and WWI soldiers trusted, then this is what's required when winter gets really fuckin' nasty.

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