Interview: Cam'ron Believes He's a Bigger Style Icon Than Kanye West and Ralph Lauren

Is Cam'ron the biggest style icon of all time?

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Cam'ron is undoubtedly one of the most stylish rappers in recent hip-hop history. No debate. But does his flashy history of pink fur coats, massive jewelry, and Mark McNairy capes solidify his status as an icon? Cam'ron certainly thinks so.

We caught up with Killa Cam at Rucker Park in his home base of Harlem yesterday, and we asked the Dipset frontman—who was decked out in a purple Dipset tank top, Reebok Ventilators, and camo high-waters—who he believes is a bigger style icon, Kanye West or himself?

"Of course I'm going to say me," he replied. "Whether it's Ye' or Ralph Lauren. It doesn't matter who it is, it's going to be me." 

He also expanded upon a boastful lyric from his recent First of the Month Vol. 1 EP track "Talk About It," in which he raps about Alife selling his face on T-shirts.  "It's dope man. You know what's dope about social media, the Internet and stuff in general? It's that you never really realized before how much love you get and now you can see people around the country wearing your stuff or wearing your face... they love you from this part of the country. It's like a blessing. But when I see my face on a shirt, I just reminisce on all the stuff I did and how people appreciate it. I'm flattered."

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