The Craziest Beards in the World All Showed Up to the Beard and Moustache Championships

The greatest facial hair gathered for last weekend's World Moustache and Beard Championships.

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For everyone thinking about participating in Movember this year, here's your inspiration. 

Close to 300 contestants gathered in Portland, Ore. over the weekend to enter their impressive facial hair in the World Beard and Moustache Championships. The contest involves an intensive process that crowns winners in 17 different categories, including "full beard natural," "Amish beard," "Musketeer," which is defined as a long and slender mustache with a small and pointed beard, and "Dali," inspired by the artist's signature slender facial hair that points up. 

Many of the bearded wonders took any competitive advantage they could, dressing up in dramatic costumes to match their facial hairs, or, as one man did, tying Cheetos into his beard. However, Madison Rowley's no frills beard was judged to be the overall winner based on a criteria that weighed how each beard "enhanced [a contestant's] overall appearance, style and personality," according to the competition's site.

We've assessed what people's facial hair say about them before, but the only thing to deduce here is that this is a group dedicated to their craft. 


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