Whistles Follows up Its First Menswear Collection With a New Collaboration With Artist Joe Cruz

Whistles releases its first ever collaboration, working with artist Joe Cruz to reinterpret London's landmark Barbican on a sweater and T-shirt.

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UK retailer Whistles, which recently launched its first menswear collection, has unveiled its new collaboration with artist Joe Cruz. Cruz is an illustrator known for his use of lines and expressive, bold colors and he brings this signature style to the two-piece capsule collection.

The collection includes a sweatshirt and T-shirt that both employ Cruz's unique graphic. The minimalist, sparse print is Cruz's reinterpretation of photographs of London's landmark Barbican, a performing arts center. The Barbican is one of Britain's prominent examples of Brutalist, which is derived from the French term for "raw concrete," architecture. The light, colorful print from Cruz stands in direct contrast to the building's notorious grittiness. 

The collection will be available at Whistles' website on Dec. 22. 


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