That Time Tupac Walked in a Versace Fashion Show

More proof Tupac was one of the most stylish rappers ever.

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In honor of what would have been Tupac's 44th birthday today, we are celebrating by looking back at one the rap icon's most stylish moments: walking in a Versace fashion show. 

While Pac has had an undying influence on the landscape of current day rap and hip-hop, he was also one of the most stylish MCs to ever live. Tupac's signature style involved melding streetwear style, like his tattoos and trademark bandana, with luxury labels, like the opulent Versace. Versace was one of the first fashion houses to embrace hip-hop, and as a result 'Pac received custom-made clothes and invites to show. However, the relationship's peak was the moment Tupac—dressed in an all-gold suit and accompanied by Kidada Jones, who the rapper was dating at the time, and two bodyguards—walked the runway during Versace's 1996 menswear show in Milan. 

Keep in mind, this was at a time when rappers were much more concerned with keeping their adidas fresh than sitting front-row. Tupac paved the way for all of the stylish rappers who have followed him, such as Kanye West and A$AP Rocky. Nowadays, rappers attending fashion shows and walking on runways, like Danny Brown, Rocky, Cam'ron, and Travi$ Scott have all done for various brands, is commonplace. And Versace is still a huge part of hip-hop culture, just ask Migos

Happy Birthday, 'Pac. Watch the footage above. 


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