Rag & Bone Has Car Nerds Heated After Smashing a Classic Porsche for Its Ad Campaign

Rag & Bone's car-destroying Fall/Winter 2015 campaign has hit some bumps.

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Rag & Bone's Fall/Winter 2015 campaign includes ads starring a smashed-up Porsche and, for real car-loving masochists, a video that shows the destruction of the car taking place from every angle in slow motion. The now-ruined automobile is a 1979 Porsche 911 SC and car lovers everywhere are charged up about it.

The comments on the video range from just plain sad to extremely mean-spirited. Here's a quick sampling: "Reported for hateful and abusive content and terrorism," Snow .# writes. "I hope the next porsche advert will be a porsche driving in slowmotion through a burning Rag and Bone store!" another user says. "And somewhere else in the world someone destroys your dream car... because they can," a Facebook user writes.

Others on YouTube point out that the video earned their first dislike ever. That might explain why the advert currently has 6,055 downvotes as compared to only 77 upvotes. Even outlets are piling on by writing scathing posts about the apparent atrocity Rag & Bone has committed. "In what has to be a moment where the entire gearhead community can come together in a blinding rage, rag & bone... destroyed a classic Porsche 911 SC by dropping a highway divider on it for no reason," Road & Track writes. "Seriously, why?"

However, if any of these outlets or butthurt commenters had done some digging, they would have found that the car used isn't even real—it's a shell of the classic Porsche that was picked up off the scrap heap, the brand told Bustle.

Watch the video below. 

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