Raf Simons Teams up With His Longtime Photographer to Exhibit 20 Years of His Collections

A Raf Simons retrospective by Willy Vanderperre.

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Photographer Willy Vanderperre is bringing the Raf Simons retrospective he put together for 032c's print magazine to an art gallery. The Simons show will be the first at the magazine's new space, 032c Workshop

Vanderperre has worked closely with Simons throughout the designer's career, including many of his most iconic collections, like the recent collaboration with Sterling Ruby, and the retrospective covers over 20 years of the Belgian designer's work, Hypebeast reports. The exhibition is arranged like a school locker, with photos and stickers placed haphazardly around the space. The style is an ode to youth subcultures, particularly the ones in Simons' Belgium, according to the exhibit's Facebook page.

The youth's give-and-take relationship with Simons and Vanderperre was the inspiration behind the entire exhibit. "For Raf Simons and Willy Vanderperre, youth is a practice," the statement reads. "A methodology. An environment. Youth is always becoming. Teeming with questions. Envisioning futures. Together with the Raf Simons atelier, Willy Vanderperre has become an oracle for a pre-Internet notion of beauty and freedom." 

You can scroll through images of the exhibit below. Make sure to catch it in person if you happen to find yourself in Berlin. 


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