A Chef Just Commissioned a Notorious B.I.G. Mural for the Outside of His Restaurant

A new mural of Notorious B.I.G. has popped up in the unlikeliest places in New York City.

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A new tribute to the late Notorious B.I.G. has popped up at a Michelin-starred restaurant in Manhattan's Nolita neighborhood. Matt Lambert, owner and chef of the restaurant The Musket Room, commissioned street artist Fumero to paint the mural on the establishment's roll gate. 

Fumero has created other artwork of Biggie in the past, as well as a separate mural portraying the rapper in Brooklyn. "Street art is the new era art of our generation," Fumero said via a press release. "More and more I see murals going up on gates and walls for store fronts, and local business owners have embraced street art murals in NYC and want them."

For Lambert's part, the chef says he has been a lifelong fan of Biggie, and adds that the art "helps [him] drive forward creatively." 

Another food-related Biggie mural is in the works, as artist Danielle Mastrion plans to paint one outside of a Key Food grocery store where the rapper worked as a teen. The murals outside the restaurant and grocery store are fitting since Biggie often rapped about food. One verse even inspired a recent set of accessories from Pintrill.

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