Maury Wore the Best Ugly Christmas Sweater This Year

Maury crushes the ugly Christmas sweater with a "You Are Not the Father" version.

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Maury and his eponymous show have made must-watch television out of telling prospective fathers either they are, or are not, the father on-air. Now, Maury has a festive way of revealing paternity test results thanks to this ugly Christmas sweater emblazoned with the host's signature phrase, "You Are Not the Father."

The sweater was a gift from an enterprising purveyor of the holiday-themed sweaters called Ugly Christmas Sweater Kit, according to Maury's Facebook page. It's an extremely fitting present for Maury, since the news is probably the best Christmas gift he can give the dudes who turn up on his show

So, whether you rocked an ugly NBA or NFL-themed Christmas sweaters, maybe even an ugly Christmas suit, this season, Maury just outdid you and then some. 

[via Buzzfeed]

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