Marc Jacobs' Second Career Choice After Fashion Designer Will Surprise You

You won't belive what Marc Jacobs second career choice was.

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While accepting an award from Parsons this week, Marc Jacobs told the audience what his career would have been if he had not gotten into the school. Let's just say that it's a good thing the designer was admitted because he says he would have become a video store clerk if he hadn't, according to Page Six. Nowadays we just call that being unemployed

"No plan B, I will go to Parsons or I will go work in a video store," Jacobs remembers telling his high school guidance counselor. "Luckily, I got accepted to Parsons. After all, I wouldn’t have had a very long career as a video clerk given the fact that there are no video stores in existence anymore.”

Jacobs accepted the award from Anna Wintour at Parsons' annual fashion benefit, which also honored the LVMH group this year. 

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