Don't Whiff on Maison Kitsuné and Reebok Classic's Baseball-Themed Capsule Collection

Maison Kitsuné and Reebok Classic unveil baseball-themed capsule collection.

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Now that it's September, it means it's finally a good time to start caring about the never-ending baseball season. And if you're showing up to the ballpark in anything but this recent collaboration between Maison Kitsuné and Reebok Classic, you're striking out. 

The new collection pays tribute to Reebok's roots in baseball—the brand has historical and modern ties to the sport—and blends it with Maison Kitsuné's signature preppy style. The collection includes a varsity jacket, t-shirt, sweatshirt, and shorts done up in a classic All-American red and white color palette. The collaboration also includes a pair of clean, all-white leather nylon sneakers. 

The Maison Kitsuné x Reebok Classic collection will be available at Reebok's website this Saturday, Sept. 12. 


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