Attention-Seeking Hipsters Can Now Decorate Their Beards Like Christmas Trees

A London advertising agency has created Beard Baubles, Christmas ornaments made specially for hipsters' beards.

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Grey, a London advertising agency, has created Beard Baubles, which to be honest would be the perfect for gift that special attention-starved hipster in your life. Beard Baubles are specially designed ornaments meant to hang from facial hair, creating a Christmas tree on the wearer's face.

Earlier this summer, men were putting flowers in their beards, and somehow the strange trend has carried over into something more seasonal. What's crazy is that the most bizarre thing is not that these exist, but that Beard Baubles are currently sold out and unavailable on the site.

The beard business has been booming in 2014 with desperate hipsters paying $7,000 to get facial hair implants. The rise of bearded men resulted in a spike in sales of ridiculous beard nets invented for chefs with facial hairs. 

The silver lining is that all proceeds from the sale of the ornaments will be donated to Beard Season, an organization working to raise awareness of melanoma among men. If you're looking for what we can only hope is a gag gift or an infuriating White Elephant contribution, wait for Beard Baubles to come back in stock here


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