Hanksy Improves Donald Trump's Presidential Campaign With Mexico-Themed Posters

Donald Trump should consider using these hilarious Mexico-themed campaign posters created by Hanksy.

Image via Bowery Boogie

Since Donald Trump clearly isn't going to apologize for his extremely ignorant comments about Mexican immigrants, so street artist and notorious prankster Hanksy has gone about rectifying those comments for him, reports Bowery Boogie.

Hansky has lined streets in New York City's Lower East Side and Philadelphia with these posters of Trump surrounded by stereotypical Mexican imagery. The bigoted presidential candidate is seen wearing a sombrero that reads "Viva Mexico" in the midst of the Mexican flag, tacos, margaritas, maracas, and piñatas. There's also a quote bubble that translates to "You're hired," putting a spin on the Donald's famous phrase, "You're fired."  

The artist says he was inspired by the "Hope" posters created by Obey founder Shepard Fairey during President Barack Obama's run to the White House in 2008. "I want to be Trump’s Shepard Fairey and save his bigoted campaign," Hanksy told Bowery Boogie

If Trump has any hope of winning the Latino vote he should hire Hanksy on immediately. Or we can just continue to beat the shit out of piñatas modeled after him

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