Did Images From Frank Ocean's 'Boys Don't Cry' Zine Leak?

Are these leaked pages from Frank Ocean's 'Boys Don't Cry' zine?

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We're still waiting on Frank Ocean's Boys Don't Cry, but it appears that the visual component of the album has leaked. Frank Ocean Twitter fan account @TeamFrankDaily has posted several images that evidence suggests is the zine meant to accompany the release of  Boys Don't Cry.

There have been a lot of false starts and "leaks" surrounding this long-awaited Ocean album, but this one actually appears to be legit. 

Image of Lil B in the magazine match up with what artist and frequent Ocean collaborator Nabil said about shooting the rapper for Ocean's magazine. 

In images from the zine, you can see a woman with green glitter all over her. As Dazed points out, the image was posted by artist Vasilla Forbes last year. In the caption she wrote, "Still waiting for your video Frank Ocean to finally give this moment purpose."

Dazed has put together other convincing information. One of the images shows a person on a dirt bike wearing the same jacket Ocean in a photograph taken by Francisco Soriano, who claimed to be behind the stream that took place last week.

Also, the word "blonde" all over the magazine could have something to do with Blonde Racing LLC., the company hosting Ocean's boysdontcry.co website. 

In the erroneous New York Times report that claimed Ocean's album would be released Friday, there was mention of physical copies of the zine being distributed at Apple Stores. However, Reddit users have pointed out that this looks like an app. "The screenshots looks like an app, due to the ever present white arrow at the bottom," one user wrote.

Whatever it is, we hope it comes soon. 

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