Everything You Need to Know About Rick Owens in 4 Minutes

A crash course in the history of Rick Owens.

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Rick Owens is undeniably one of the most important designers currently in the industry. However, not everyone has the time to study up on the enigmatic figure, but VFILES has put together a four-minute video on Owens that will provide you with all the knowledge you need to impress your menswear bros. 

The video succinctly covers Owens' entire career, from his start as a pattern-maker for brands that knocked off luxury clothing—which is ironic considering the amount that this happens to Owens now—to the headlines-making designer he has become. The video ties his fame to a 2001 French Vogue cover that features Kate Moss in one of his designs as well as a trio of heavily-publicized runway shows, which included step dancers, full-frontal male nudity, and a protesting model

Watch the whole video above to hear the robot-lecturer give a shout out to the designer's "Dick Owens" moniker, which spawned the even more hilarious nickname, "Dick Ovens."

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