Beard Ski Masks Exist Incase You Need to Scare Someone on the Slopes

Someone made ski masks with beards attached.

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So, you don't have $7,000 to shell out on a beard transplant. Do you have $35? If so, then you're in luck because a company called Beardski has created these downright atrocious ski masks with large, bushy beards attached to them. 

The bearded masks come in a bunch of different styles that imitate the most iconic beards. There's the long, white Merlin mask, a scraggly Black Pearl beard, two dreaded Rasta options, and one that replicates Santa's fluffy white facial hair. The beards do manage to serve some purpose by keeping you warm with its thermal fleece body and a waterproof neoprene lining. They're also perfect if you want to scare someone on the bunny hill, or if you're a hipster. 

However, you'd be much better off just doing as Kanye does—we know you were going to, anyway—and wrapping your face up in a bandana for protection. 

If desperation has truly set in, the Beardski masks are available online now. 


[via Elite Daily]

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