Sales of Beard Nets Are Skyrocketing Because of Hipster Cooks

A company that makes facial hair nets has seen its sales skyrocket.

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Sales of beard nets (who knew these existed?) have increased significantly in the last three years, reports the Daily Mail. Apparently, more men (read: hipsters) are working in the food industry and, thus, need something to protect their beards—and we know the facial hair is a growing trend

Lion Haircare & Disposables, a company that makes the facial nets, is now selling three million of them annually, a 32 percent increase. The spike in sales of the product has even forced the company to hire more staff and purchase additional equipment to keep up with the demand. 

According to Adrian Wright, Lion Haircare & Disposables' chief operating officer, the company also has to evolve to "meet the hygiene requirements of the latest facial hair fashions." As such, Lion Haircare & Disposables developed a hair net that has built-in antibacterial agent given that stubble can raise the risk of germs being spread. 

These nets are pretty ridiculous-looking, but at least you won't find any hair in your food?



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If any hipster chefs want a high-fashion upgrade, they can cop from Givenchy's Fall/Winter 2014 collection.


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