A|X Armani Exchange’s Fall 2020 Collection Heralds the Return of Icons

The venerable Italian label resurrects its Regular-Fit Icon Tee for autumn.

AX 2020 Collection Lead Image
Image via A|X Armani Exchange
AX 2020 Collection Lead Image

In the western world, fall symbolizes endings. The end of summer. The end of green trees, grass, and plants. But in the world of fashion, this is the season of regeneration. In anticipation of dreary skies and dropping temps, people begin breaking out the chunky sweaters and puffy jackets, creating a new kind of comfort and warmth for themselves. It’s no surprise then, that A|X Armani Exchange found inspiration for its Fall 2020 selection in urban renewal, sustainable cities worldwide, and even its own brand heritage, resurrecting its original A|X Icon logo and incorporating it into T-shirts, outerwear, sweaters, denim, and footwear. It’s all part of the brand’s mission of encouraging consumers to examine their own city, self, and past to find inspiration for the future. If that piques your interest, here’s a selection of A|X fall must-haves to help reinvigorate your wardrobe.

Icon Period Padded Jacket

AX Icon Logo Padded Jacket

Price: $290

Bold, warm, and most certainly memorable, the Icon Period Padded Jacket cuts an imposing silhouette that only grows bolder thanks to striking graphics on its left breast.

A|X Logo Slim Fit T-Shirt

AX Logo Slim Fit T Shirt

Price: $40

Tailored and wearable, the A|X Logo Slim Fit T-shirt is a key piece for fall. It layers comfortably under a hoodie and works well all on its own if the weather is still warm enough.

Icon Logo Sweatpants

AX Logo Sweatpants

Price: $100

The A|X Icon logo dates to the brand’s founding in the early ’90s, when it was only available in the United States. Now, for the first time in nearly 30 years, it again adorns a range of A|X products, including these sleek but comfortable Icon Logo Sweatpants.


Multicolored Sneakers


AX Multicolored Sneakers

Price: $160

These Multicolored Sneakers prove color blocking is king when it comes to footwear. Grab a pair now and rock some runners that show the world exactly who you are.

Logo Tape Baseball Cap

A|X Armani Exchange Logo Tape Baseball Cap

Price: $55

The Logo Tape Baseball Cap is clean and sporty. With just the right amount of European street influence, it will complement any outfit and stand out without ever being too much.


Zip Up Sweatshirt

AX Zip Up Sweatshirt

Price: $140

A|X built its reputation by knowing just how to combine activewear with tailoring, a technique this Zip Up Sweatshirt encapsulates perfectly.

Athleisure Sweatpants

AX Athleisure Sweatpants

Price: $130

In a sea of similar joggers, these side stripe Athleisure Sweatpants let the world know you’re an individual who values European fit and finish.


Padded Vest

AX Padded Vest

Price: $240

The diamond quilting on this Padded Vest doesn’t just look good. It's actually designed to help trap pockets of warm air against your body, keeping you insulated against cold fall weather when you need it most.

Crew Neck Logo Sweater

AX Crew Neck Logo Sweater

Price: $130

This Crew Neck Logo Sweater incorporates the best parts of graphic sweatshirts and fine Italian knits, creating a garment that’s versatile, wearable, and, yes, warm.

Athleisure Sweatpants

AX Athleisure Sweatpants

Price: $120

Don’t let the name fool you. These Athleisure Sweatpants are as sophisticated as they come, with a trim, tailored fit that looks just as good as a pair of suit trousers.

Canvas Backpack

AX Logo Tape Backpack

Price: $110

This Canvas Backpack is big enough to hold everything you need for school, work, or just a daily run to the gym. And, with bright yellow taping bearing the A|X logo, everyone will know it's yours.

Trench Coat

AX Trench Coat

Price: $320

Tailored overcoats are classic for a reason. They look right and complement everything from a suit to jeans or even sweats. In a trim cut and dark finish, this A|X Trench Coat is something you can buy now and wear for the rest of your life.

Slim Fit T-Shirt

AX Slim Fit T Shirt

Price: $55

This Slim Fit T-shirt offers a riff on an old classic, updating the A|X logo with a horizontal stripe that's sure to garner attention.

Elasticated Cotton Trousers

AX Elasticated Jacket

Price: $120

When your regular pants aren’t comfortable enough, but you still require something upscale, turn to these A|X Elasticated Trousers. They look like dress pants but feel like sweats, making them an MVP in any man’s wardrobe.

Multicolored Sneakers

AX Multicolored Hi Tops

Price: $240

With European styling and a retro-style strap, these Multicolored Sneakers are vibrant and audacious, offering a comfortable complement to any outfit you chose.

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