PROMO: Learn How San Francisco Artist Ryan De La Hoz Fights for Better

Ryan De La Hoz is changing what it means to be a fine artist in his fight for better.

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San Francisco is a town known for everything from the Gold Rush, to (several) tech booms and sourdough bread. But there’s a side to the city that few people outside the Bay Area know about—a community that runs counter to the fortune-seeking “tourist” populations that have repeatedly invaded its ranks. You might call it San Francisco’s artistic underbelly (in the very best sense of the word). Basically, there exists a group of creative people who has fought to preserve San Francisco’s individuality and free sense of expression.

At the center of this movement is an incredibly talented fine artist named Ryan De La Hoz. A San Francisco native, De La Hoz’s work took on a whole new meaning after his father was in a serious car accident. Reeling from the experience, De La Hoz’s art—which had up to that point, by his own admission, been much more superficial—was filled with emotion and soul.

But De La Hoz did not keep this transformational experience to himself. In fact, he felt an obligation to share it with the world. He began teaching art to others, including those at risk. In doing so, he conveys a mantra that is crucial to his fight for better: Art can save your life. That sentiment is as simple as it is profound, and De La Hoz believes that if he can reach even one person with his message, he’s accomplished his mission.

To hear more about Ryan De La Hoz’s story, his passion for art, and dedication to fighting for better, check out the video above, sponsored by Modelo.

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