PROMO: Dhani Jones and Sebastian Mikael Discuss How Fashion Fuels Creativity

Dhani heads west for some aisle browsing and deep talk with Sebastian Mikael.

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On the latest episode of Blend Out with Dhani Jones, Dhani heads West to do some clothes shopping in L.A.’s popular Melrose district. Lined with vintage stores and designer boutiques alike, it’s the perfect place for a guy to pick up some dope attire.

What makes this shopping excursion all the more special is that Dhani is joined by Sebastian Mikael, who tells Dhani that he thinks fashion and music “always go hand in hand.” Sebastian says that, when it comes to his fashion, just like when it comes to his music, he’s never just “one thing.” He always feels the need to mix it up, and that variety is a crucial part of his own personal means to blend out. He also believes that creativity is connected in all its forms, and that his creative expression in fashion can often inform creative choices elsewhere in his life and work. 

Once the shopping trip is done, Dhani and Sebastian hit up the W Hotel in West Beverly Hills to sip on some Grand Marnier and delve deeper into how Sebastian’s life path has led him to where he is now—everything from his Ethiopian/Swedish background to his battles with self-doubt when first arriving in Los Angeles at age 18. Over time, Sebastian says, he has been able to blend out more and more by getting away from always making the “safe” choice. “It’s easy for people to do the same things,” he says, but that’s just not a road he’s willing to go down. For a guy whose fashion and music are both so unique, that’s not the least bit surprising.

Check out the video to see more of Dhani and Sebastian’s conversation in Episode 3 of Blend Out with Dhani Jones, presented by Grand Marnier. And be sure to check back soon for further episodes, and more words of wisdom from the Original Baller himself.

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