Bud Light Got 31 Artists to Create Limited Edition Cans for Mad Decent Block Party

Check out the cool new designs here.

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Mad Decent Block Party teamed up with Bud Light for another epic cross country party. The 7-year-old festival originally founded by Diplo is traveling across 18 cities in North America, presenting a dope lineup of all your favorite musicians for 2015. In celebration of this annual event, Bud Light and Mad Decent identified 31 artists to create a new, colorful design for the cans. With the help of HP Indigo's technology, they created 31 million different graphics, making them the first brand to use this packaging technology in the U.S. This exciting technology makes every can unique; of the roughly 200,000 cans no two will be the same. 

Mad Decent Block Part Starts tomorrow so check out a few of the designs below.  


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