Check Out the Design for a Gondola Over the East River That Could Solve Williamsburg's Overcrowding Problem

A cable car system connecting Williamsburg to the rest of New York could be the greatest idea ever.

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Getting in and out of Williamsburg, Brooklyn is a chore to say the least. The perceived center of cool reached capacity years ago, but for some reason the bouncer kept letting people in. When the L train is running, it's either super crowded with bodies or kids doing handstands for tips, and when it's not running commuters are directed to wave their right to personal space and hop on a shuttle bus of ferry. If only there were another way...

Enter the East River Skyway, a proposed gondola lift route system that would get riders from Williamsburg to Manhattan in under five minutes and from Brooklyn to Long Island City in 12. The project site points out that other cities around the world have successfully built cable car systems recently, including London, Singapore, and parts of Portugal, Germany, and Rio. According to Gizmodo, the price to build a system like this would be a fraction of the cost of expanding the existing underground tunnel system. It would probably also disrupt train service less during the construction period, which is always a good thing. 




The project is still in it's early stages, so don't start planning your gondola selfies just yet. Supporters are asked to get involved by signing up with an email address on the East River Skyway website.

[via Gizmodo]

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