Kid Cudi Shares Three Stages of Building a Lego Masterpiece

"Can't deny the shine of a Jedi"

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We all need hobbies to keep us sane. When Kid Cudi isn't making music or designing beer labels, his "new obsession" is building figures out of Legos, namely Star Wars figures. Cudder shared these photos via Twitter showing the three stages of his Millennium Falcon build process. The first photo shows some of the hull of the ship completed at 7:30pm one evening. By 4pm the next day, the shape of the ship was starting to take form, and by 7pm on night three he tweeted "Boom. Millennium Falcon" with a photo of the completed ship. 

A lot of people think that Legos are childsplay, but builds like this are serious work. Maybe Cudi will buy and build every single piece from the Star Wars x Lego collection and then move on to building figures without the kits.

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