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London-based designer Tisloh Danboyi has just unveiled his first piece of jewellry in the form of a new silver pendant necklace titled 'Love, bites.'

Featuring an intentional separation with use of a comma that makes love the subject of the pendant, the metaphorical play on the conventional ‘love bite’ phrase is the centrepiece of the necklace. "There is always some form of sacrifice (a bite) which follows love" says Tisloh on the necklace, which sees the  ‘Love, bites.’ motif pendant sitsting on an 18-inch, diamond cut trace necklace set in 925. Sterling silver.

This motif is carried forward from 'Prima Pars', Tisloh's debut collection launched back in 2018 inspired by the first part of Thomas Aquinas' Summa Theologica. After making an appearance on t-shirts and knitwear, the phrase and is now casted in metal to compliment Tisloh's recent ‘Where the Land Meets the Water’ collection. 

Speaking about the new piece, Tisloh said: "In English, the ‘love bite’, hickey or hickie describes a notable bruise caused by the kissing, sucking and biting the skin of the neck. However, in this piece, there is an intentional separation with use of a comma. This is used to make love the subject. In this way, love itself is biting - a metaphorical play on the conventional ‘love bite’. I am trying to portray the idea that there is always some form of sacrifice (the bite) that comes with the love of something or someone be that your selflessness in human and romantic relationships or giving up leisure time to focus on a project."

The piece is available tonight from 8:00PM GMT via – get a closer look at the 'Love,bites' necklace below. 



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