Avery Andon has lifted the curtain on ArtLife Auctions—an online platform where the public can bid on blue chip pieces by both iconic and emerging artists.

A branch of Andon's popular ArtLife gallery, ArtLife Auctions kicked off this week with "The Core Collection: 001." The inaugural lineup features 80 lots that range between $600 to $80,00, with artwork by everyone from KAWS and Daniel Ashram to Andy Warhol and Banksy to Keith Haring and Alec Monopoly, who has been managed by Andon for most of his career. 

Some of the key pieces from The Core Collection: 001 include:

KAWS - Dissected Companion (Black)
Banksy - No Ball Games (Green)
Keith Haring - Cup Man
Andy Warhol - Liz Taylor
Daniel Arsham - Future Relic Series
Alec Monopoly - Cheongdam
INVADER - Space One Pink

According to HypeBeast, Andon is "offering free return shipping on unsold artworks, creating a risk-free opportunity, and waiving miscellaneous fees like digital photography, storage and marketing that the large auction houses often sneak in." ArtLife Auctions is also charging 0 percent in seller's fees.

"Our success is the direct result of five years of investing in SEO instead of brick-and-mortar retail locations," Andon told HypeBeast. "[Auction houses] wooed their clients with fancy dinners, private events and live auctions, but the pandemic has leveled the playing field."

You can check out The Core Collection: 001 here. The auction kicked off Thursday and will conclude Oct. 25.