It’s 10 a.m. on a Thursday in January, but “All of a Sudden” by Moneybagg Yo and Lil Baby is blasting over the sound system at Avianne & Co., a jewelry shop in Manhattan’s Diamond District. Joseph Aranbayev, who goes by Joe Avianne, steps into a ceiling-high glass cube situated at the center of a marble sales floor. It’s surrounded by cases filled with everything from diamond-encrusted watches and necklaces to branded leather accessories. His attire commands attention immediately—an all-over-printed button-up shirt, Dolce and Gabbana sneakers, and shimmering rings, watches, and chains. Dark-tinted sunglasses cover his eyes, matching his slicked back hair and grizzly five o’clock shadow. 

A couple of minutes pass and the glasses come off. He’s interrupted to buzz in someone at the door. It’s comedian Pete Davidson who has just finished up a consultation for a custom piece with Avianne CEO Izzy Aranbayev, Joe’s older brother, in the company’s office located further down the block. The exchange is quick, a simple handshake and hello with Joe before he exits. Ten minutes later, there’s another interruption as a man who isn’t immediately recognizable—but is, based on Joe’s reaction, very important—enters the shop. Joe pauses the interview again, removes his button-up to reveal a white tank top, leaves the glass cube, and moves to another chair in the showroom. It’s his barber. Joe is now getting a haircut in the middle of his renowned jewelry store. The impromptu occurrence falls in line with a mantra he echoes in a thick Brooklyn accent a handful of times: “You have to look like money to make money.” 

Now Pop Smoke’s “Christopher Walking” is ringing out from the speakers. Joe, who’s been fairly soft-spoken up until now discussing the late night he just had at the shop catering to a special client, begins to roar with excitement. His eyes widen as his voice booms louder in the makeshift barber’s chair, like he had just realized how much money he had made the day before. It’s barely even 11 a.m. at this point. A whirlwind morning, but a typical day at Avianne and Co.