Heralded as scientists of the apparel world, NEMEN steps into the light alongside SEVENSTORE to showcase their inner workings. 

For those with a keen eye for technical apparel lines, NEMEN's name will be familiar. Birthed under the meticulous guise of Leonardo Fasolo, NEMEN is somewhat of a newcomer to Milan's impressive lineup of technical sportswear brands, having come to fruition in 2012. Having studied under the teachings of Stone Island's Carlo Rivetti in Milan’s European Institute of design, Leonardo is well versed in fabrication driven design with an unapologetically bold aesthetic. To further explore the scientific nature of the brand, SEVENSTORE took to Milan to sit alongside the brand's founder. 

At the heart of NEMEN is a dedication to pushing the boundaries of technical fabrication, channelled through innovative research. This constantly evolving drive to create and refine, driven by Leonardo's impassioned view of experimentation, delivering an armoury of utility-driven outerwear of the highest quality. 

SEVENSTORE, on their continued mission to provide industry-leading menswear brands, bolstered their Autumn/Winter 2019 product offering to include some of NEMEN's most impressive outerwear lines. Take a closer look at the inner workings of NEMEN in the above video, and explore their current apparel lineup via SEVENSTORE.

All Images via SEVENSTORE