He may have got his start on Degrassi, but Drake was repping for another famous high school last night while courtside at the Raptors game. Much to the delight of 90's kids everywhere, the artist formerly known as Jimmy Brooks watched his beloved Raps clinch a convincing victory over the 76ers wearing a Breaker High hoodie.

The short-lived series aired on YTV from 1997 to 1998, and centered around a class of teenagers attending a high school on a cruise ship travelling the world. The show has a few notable Canadian connections, namely being shot entirely in Burnaby, BC, and also for starring a teenage Ryan Gosling and a young Tyler Labine.

The phrase "Breaker High" was trending on Twitter last night as many people expressed their delight in Drake's 'fit.

No official word on where Drake got his hoodie, but you can get one just like it on Etsy. Here's hoping he has a Student Bodies tee for Game 6. 

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